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The topic of last drawing lesson~

Questa Domenica is a hymn-singing Sunday~- Angel - .: angel :. Angel With Harp 


.: angel :. He can turn the tide or calm the angry sea,
He alone decides who writes a symphony.
He lights ev'ry star that makes our darkness bright
He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night.
He still finds the time to hear a child's first prayer,
Saints or sinners call and always find him there.

refrain: Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live, He'll always say, "I Forgive"

He can grant a wish or make a dream come true,
He can paint the clouds and turn the gray to blue.
He alone knows where to find the rainbow's end,
He alone can see what lies beyond the bend.
He can touch a tree and turn the leaves to gold
He knows ev'ry lie that you and I have told.

refrain: Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, He'll always say, "I Forgive"..: angel :. 

  • Drinking: soup

Rarely dress up sp let's take some photos...
I looked happy? No, just your imagination *a Sparta smile*
I haven't been stepped out my home like a month (more or less, I can't remember) until yesterday. WUUUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUU I've never been stayed at home for such a long period. Seems like a new and peculiar attempt and achievement in my life. Treat it like that, why not? *a bitter smile*

Anyway, I was like an electron in the innermost electron shell of an atom. i.e. in a super low energy state. And depressed. A kind of human life experience, isn't it?
If I could go to Heaven later, this kind of experience would have been precious, since... ah! I don't think Heaven has depression and anxiety these kind of things. Let's dream.

Who knows what tomorrow will be?
  • Drinking: soup

One of the students said that he would like to draw Dr. Lion, so we did it.:D (Big Grin)

有鬼呀~~~~ 喂,剪一剪妳的頭髮耶。。。

這星期也沒有什麽特別的,我的生活很千篇一律的:D (Big Grin) 分享一首我中學時代很喜歡的歌:…   雖然我不喜歡坐地鐵,更別説地鐵上的邂逅了。:D (Big Grin) 不過我喜歡上世紀九十年代,那是我成長的年代,沒有互聯網沒有複雜的地鐵網絡,可是卻很美很美。Pixel: Rainbow Heart 

  • Drinking: soup

The mood of this evening...


"Le violon frémit comme un coeur qu'on afflige;
Valse mélancolique et langoureux vertige."

Charles Baudelaire
  • Drinking: medicine


Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U 在森林和原野是多麼自由逍遙
親愛的朋友啊   你在想什麼
種一顆樹苗  每一年鮮花盛放
這是多麼美麗啊   多麼美麗啊
小鳥輕輕在歌唱   小鳥輕輕在舞蹈
朋友啊   你為什麼苦惱又悲傷
親愛的朋友啊   你來猜猜看
煩惱苦悶都消除   快樂又逍遙 Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U 


  • Drinking: water







  • Drinking: water





  • Drinking: water

Une soir solennelle et mystique.

My favourite nocturne of Chopin, I haven't played it for years, would you like to play?

Please treat me well, my dear mortal days.
  • Reading: my anxious mind
  • Playing: with air
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: water

"Vago già di cercar dentro e dintorno 
la divina foresta spessa e viva, 
                           ch’a li occhi temperava il novo giorno,"                          

( "Eager already to search in and round
The heavenly forest, dense and living-green,
Which tempered to the eyes the new-born day, )

"Sanza più aspettar, lasciai la riva, 
prendendo la campagna lento lento 
su per lo suol che d’ogne parte auliva."

( "Without more delay I left the bank,
Taking the level country slowly, slowly
Over the soil that everywhere breathes fragrance." )

Poems from "La Divina Commedia", Purgatorio: Canto XXVIII

Recently, Assisi always comes to my mind, the medieval Italian town where I studied in the past. It's just like "the Earthly Paradise" described by Dante Alighieri.

An olive orchard in Assisi.

"Quelli ch’anticamente poetaro 
l’età de l’oro e suo stato felice, 
forse in Parnaso esto loco sognaro.

Qui fu innocente l’umana radice; 
qui primavera sempre e ogne frutto; 
nettare è questo di che ciascun dice."

( "Those who in ancient times have feigned in song
The Age of Gold and its felicity,
Dreamed of this place perhaps upon Parnassus.

Here was the human race in innocence;
Here evermore was Spring, and every fruit;
This is the nectar of which each one speaks." )
          --Purgatorio: Canto XXVIII

當年曾沉醉於但丁之《神曲》,促使我有幸到意大利留學。在那座猶如詩人筆下淨界山巔之“地上樂園”的聖城阿西西,渡過了我的人生第一階段。(但丁謂人生分爲四階段,一至二十五嵗為第一階段)在悠閒的下午,山下橄欖園是那樣的寧靜安詳;在夕陽映照下,踏著鎮上迷宮般的小路卻永不會迷路,令人不由得概嘆,中世紀城市建設的精密和神奇。仲夏的晚上,在教堂外樹蔭下納涼,細數著滿天星辰,占卜著憧憬的未來。 周六山上廣場的市集,舊皇宮外的跳蚤市場,令人感到那樣的開朗愉快;山間迂迴曲折的小道,平原上的田野和橄欖園,讓遊走其中的我,不禁幻想自己是中世紀的遊唱詩人。

  • Listening to: air
  • Reading: my mind
  • Watching: air particles
  • Playing: with air
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: water
It's mid-summer now~! This time I don't make it wrong. So hot here.*an emotionless face* Well well... just accept it *shrugs*

Every day when I see these in the mall near my home, they start to beguile my emotionless into smiling...

And finally I bought one.




  • Listening to: air
  • Watching: air particles
  • Playing: with air
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: soup
It's about half-past four early this morning, I dreamt of the golden orange Sun in the universe, then suddenly I woke up. Twas quite peculiar for I seldom dream of celestial bodies. Later I checked the position of the transit Sun, it is in conjunction with my ascendant now!!

My ascendant is in Cancer, and now the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Cancer, too. (AC = my ascendant, those green symbols in the outermost circle are the transit positions of the planets)

How strange!! Did my dream want to tell me this aspect? I pondered...
"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..."

No need to ponder, but feel the power!!:sun:

*is singing*

"Tu ritroverai con me
La piu splendida proprietà
Un attimo di sole sopra noi
Alla recerca di te"

(透過我-- 你將再度找到

  • Drinking: soup
Today's the Father's Day!! Hope all fathers and my father are happy!! Thanks my dad he's always nice and kind and tolerant and spoils me rotten!! TTuTT
今天家裏有些維修的小工程,約了師傅下午三時,可我說想喝下午茶啊。。。阿爸說那你跟媽去喝吧,我留在家招待維修師傅就行。^u^ 阿爸你太好了,連父親節也。。。(感動)

Although not in the mood to dress up... (I look happy? Perhaps it's your misconception. Just because I look ugly emotionless, so let's smile!)

But tea is essential for me everyday!!Onionhead Tea - Onion head 

Now the weather's so hot here!! I don't know if it's midsummer or not (maybe not)

but having a midsummer night's dream wouldn't be a bad thing...

Would it be more fascinating in Oriental style...

or Occidental style?

Have a nice week!!:iconhappysunenjoysplz:
  • Watching: TV
  • Drinking: warm water
Hello!! Finally I got my new camera, my mum accompanied me to buy, she's always so nice and kind!!:iconhappysunenjoysplz:
It seems that there are many functions and modes, so let me try them out... slowly^^;

Mango cakes are attractive, but I don't eat mangoes...

It seems that my hair has grown to a length that I can cosplay Ririchiyo of "Inu x Boku SS" without a wig... I want to keep it even longer but my dad said it would be better to cut it a bit.

I'm happy this moment so let's go "LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" :la::la::la: , and pray for the peace and happiness to last.

On the other hand, May is the Month of Mary, so let's sing hymns :iconlachoirplz:

Verse 1
Mother dear, O pray for me!
Whilst far from heav'n and thee.
I wander in a fragile bark,
O'er life's tempestuous sea.
O Virgin Mother, from thy throne,
So bright in bliss above.
Protect thy child and cheer my path
With thy sweet smile of love.

Mother dear, remember me!
And never cease thy care,
'Till in heaven eternally,
Thy love and bliss I share.

Verse 2
Mother dear, O pray for me!
Should pleasure's siren lay.
E'er tempt thy child to wander far
From Virtue's path away.
When thorns beset life's devious way,
And darkling waters flow.
Then Mary aid thy weeping child,
Thyself a mother show.

When I was in secondary school, we were taught to sing a few hymns to Mary in May. All of them have beautiful lyrics and melodies. But the above one touches me and "I wander in a fragile bark, over life's tempestuous sea" makes me want to cry, so let's sing this hymn first.

I don't want a tempestuous sea, I have already known that life can be very tempestuous, I just want a peaceful sea. Or else I just want to wander on the beach.Frustration Sigh 

May God bless us, have a nice week.:sun:
  • Reading: Inu x Boku SS
  • Drinking: warm water
Hello!!Alien The jasmine starts to blossom so I know it's almost summer now:iconhappysunenjoysplz: Though the weather is warm and there is sunlight, but it's hard to say the weather is good... since there are earthquakes nearby. Just today early in the morning there were earthquakes in Taiwan. Though Hong Kong seems never have earthquakes before, but people here can feel somewhat uncomfortable when there are earthquakes nearby. That kind of uncomfort is hard to tell, maybe I just need to keep calm and take it easy.#33 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 

Anyway, I really enjoy watching the jasmine blossoming, I go down to watch them every afternoon. Unfortunately I can't take photos of them since my camera has brokenMiuna Crying Icon , so there won't be new photos until I buy a new camera.

A photo of winter 2014

That's for today, have a nice week! :la: GIF animation 
  • Listening to: Beethoven's sonatas
  • Reading: Inu x Boku SS
  • Eating: orange
  • Drinking: warm water
 Hello!!:iconhappysunenjoysplz: After the blossom of the beautiful camellias CamelliasTwas so foggy yesterday, and the humidity raised up to 97%, this made me think of London... I think perhaps this is one the reasons why English people loved this place quite a lot about a hundred years ago... yes, this place is called Hong Kong. =)
本來這裡的春天天氣就是溫暖版的倫敦,但是今年!忽冷忽熱、忽乾忽濕、忽陰忽晴,而且每兩三天就改頭換面一次,簡直比雙子座還善變。例如昨天的濕度快100%了,今天卻降到50%,過山車咩!=( 事實上,今年的植物
  , it's the turn of the roses recently. Red Rose Iaia Rose :short: 

This white one is my favourite.


Huhuhuhu...Kagura Troll Face Plz 

Hahahahaaaaa...GIF Adventure Time - Jake laugh 

Hahahaha my doge backpackdoge la doge la doge la  Always too lazy to comb my hair =u= 

That's for today, have a nice week bunneh icon4 bunneh icon5 bunneh icon1 
  • Reading: Inu x Boku SS
  • Drinking: warm water


Artist | Traditional Art
Hong Kong
APH: I love Hong Kong Stamp by Chibikaede
Hi, I'm Amy, or you can called me Amelie. Thank you for visiting my gallery.
=) Here's something about me =)

:damphyr:I studied biochemistry in the University of Hong Kong. Besides science, I love arts, music, religion, astrology and philosophy, too.

:damphyr:I'm a royal descendant of the Song dynasty of China.Crown by damaciel

:damphyr:I'm an Aries:iconlambplz:

:damphyr:I speak Chinese, English and Italian, and I can read a little French and Japanese

:damphyr:I paint with watercolours, I think it's a nice and convenient medium. Most of my works are watercolour works =)

Uranus by MeganEliMoon Favourite...
colours: white, turquoise
animals: lions, horses
food: Italian and Cantonese food
sports: martial arts, having walks
season: spring :weed:
subjects at school: chemistry, mathematics
genre of music: classical
style of art: aestheticism, impressionism

:damphyr: My brother: :iconsinistrosephosphate:

:damphyr: My friends: :iconlolita-ai::iconthesignmaker::iconsweet-innocent-aura::iconjapanischjuss::iconsilencershep727::icondrawhui::iconleekwoonfai::iconcaptamzai::iconnatelusk:



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Sanguo Legends: Jiang Wei and Wang Ping
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Happy Birthday Amelie! :D :D :D
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Just to ask if there's any particular character or scene from the Three Kingdoms you'd be interested in me drawing?
The more obscure the better. :D
Amelie-the-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017   Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!!!
Hmmmm...let me think...
Perhaps it's Jiang Wei, the important general of late Shu. He's one of the characters of the Three Kingdoms Era that I admire most, but I still don't have a chance to draw him. =)
HisPurpleness Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Fair enough, birthday girl. I'll let you know.
HisPurpleness Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Okay, I'll be honest, I've hit a snag.
I've never really thought about Jiang Wei's character all too well. For two reasons.
a. I usually lose interest at the late era. All my favourite characters are gone and it was kind of a stand-still, particularly on the Shu-Wei front.
b. In almost every portrayal I've seen, Jiang Wei's single defining trait seems to be kissing Zhuge Liang's arse! It really annoys me how many Shu characters that were incredible in history get demoted to personal ego-stroker of Zhuge Liang or Guan Yu or Liu Bei.
So how do you envisage him? I'm interested to know.
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